RCM Robinson Capital Management LLC


RCM Robinson Capital Management LLC provides customized investment management services to local governments as well as to non-profit organizations, foundations, and high net worth families and individuals. 

Goals-Based Investing

Our philosophy is to manage risk in accordance with our client’s financial goals, needs and objectives. The foundation of our investment program and strategies are specifically designed around client goals. Performance is measured by the client achieving a stated goal. Risk is a function of failing to achieve that goal.

Our Institutional Services

Fixed Income Investment Management

RCM Robinson Capital Management LLC assists local government agencies in managing general fund and bond proceeds assets. Recommended minimum account is $10 million.

Benefits to our clients:

  • A disciplined process and approach in managing assets
  • Analytical tools and immediate market analysis
  • Customized monthly and quarterly investment management and accounting reports

Investment Management of Healthcare Benefit Funds

RCM Robinson Capital Management LLC assists local government agencies in managing financial assets used to provide for healthcare expenses.  Through leading trust plan administrator, Genesis Benefits, a TASC company, we offer many mitigation strategies to help in designing an effective solution to reduce, and more effectively manage post-employment benefit obligations.

Benefits to our clients:

  • Customized asset allocation investment management versus pooling approach.
  • Risk/return analysis based on actuarial projections
  • Multiple asset allocation strategies based on plan's demographics      
  • Customized quarterly investment performance and accounting reports
  • Choice of designated trustee.


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