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Balanced Growth


Balanced Income

Capital Preservation

Fixed Income


Balanced Growth
For the investor who seeks relatively stable growth from his/her investable assets offset by a low level of income. An investor in this range will have a higher tolerance for risk and/or a longer time horizon than either of the previous investors. The main objective of this portfolio is to provide steady growth while limiting fluctuations to less than those of the overall stock market.
  US Large Stock 
14% large growth (2 funds)
14% large value (2 funds)
US Small Stock 
7% small growth
8% small value
4% emerging growth
US Mid Stock 
8% mid blend (growth/value)
  International Stock
6% large growth
7% large value
7% emerging growth
7% limited term govt. (1-3yr duration)
5% govt. bonds
5% all bond (diversified high grade)
5% corporate (high grade)
3% corporate (high yield)
 These sample portfolios are not intended to represent investment advice that is appropriate for all investors. Each investor's portfolio must be constructed based on the individual's financial resources, investment goals, risk tolerance, investing time horizon, tax situation and other relevant factors. The categorization of sample portfolios as "fixed income", "capital preservation", "balanced income", "balanced", "balanced growth", "growth", and "aggressive growth" is relative. Foreign investing has special risks, including currency exchange fluctuations, foreign taxes and possible delays in settlement


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