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FFCB 2.84 3yr/1yr p s6/25

FFCB 2.63 2yr/3mo p s6/25

FFCB 3.12 4yr/6mo p s6/27

FHLMC 3.00 5yr/3mo q s7/18 (if not called, steps to 5.00 on 7/18/21)  3.75ytm



Rates and New Issues   Monday, June 18, 2018 03:46 PM

Previous close  2yr/5yr 2.55/2.80

Current Treasuries 10yr/30yr 2.92/3.05

LAIF Rates and Estimates

Q3 2018 fiscal (Jan-March 2018) apportionment rate 1.51
Q4 2018 fiscal (April-June 2018) estimate 1.79-1.85
Q1 2019 fiscal (July-Sept 2018) estimate 1.82-2.05

2yr treasury technical chart
(near term range 2.20-2.60)
5yr treasury technical chart
(near term range 2.60-2.94)

CDIAC Investment Guidelines

CMTA Investment Policy Certification Program

Key:  p=perpetual call (continuous call), m=monthly, q=quarterly call, a=annually, d=discrete (callable on pay dates), 1x=one time call (if not called, becomes a bullet), b=bullet, s=settlement date 

For example:  FHLB 2.85 3yr/3mo p s6/29 (Federal Home Loan Bank 2.85% 3yr maturity, callable in 3 months and anytime thereafter, settles on 6/29).  

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Treasury yield curve rates are shown on a yield to maturity (ytm) basis. Today's New and Secondary Issues are shown on a yield to maturity basis (ytm) and are issued at par, unless otherwise noted. If issued or priced at par, yield to call (ytc) is the same as yield to maturity (ytm). If issued or priced at a discount or premium, both yield to maturity (ytm) and yield to call (ytc) are provided.

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American National Bank 2.70 2yr s6/22 (due 5/22/20)

Ally Bank 2.75 2yr s6/21

Bank of Hope 2.70 2yr s6/22

BMO Harris Bank (TBA)

Berkshire Bank 2.55 2yr s6/22

BMW Bank 2.70 2yr s6/22

Brookline Bank 2.75 2yr s6/26

Citibank (TBA)

Community First Bank of WI  (TBA)

Connect One Bank (TBA)

Cornerstone Community Bank 2.70 2yr s6/22

Delta National Bank & Trust 2.70 2yr s6/22

Discover Bank 2.75 2yr s6/27

EnerBank (TBA)

Evergreen Bank (TBA)

First Federal S&L 2.75 2yr s6/28

Garrett State Bank (TBA)

Goldman Sachs Bank (TBA)

IberiaBank (TBA)

MB Financial Bank (TBA)

Marlin Business Bank 2.70 2yr s6/28

Medallion Bank (TBA)

Merrick Bank 2.75 2yr s6/20

Morgan Stanley Bank 2.80 2yr s6/21

Morgan Stanley Private Bank 2.75 2yr s6/21

Pinnacle Bank 2.80 2yr s6/27

River Bank (TBA)

Sallie Mae Bank (TBA)

Security Bank & Trust 2.70 2yr s6/29

Stearns Bank (TBA)

Stifel Bank & Trust (TBA)

Synchrony Bank (TBA)

TAB Bank (TBA)

TCF Bank 2.60 2yr s6/22

TCM Bank (TBA)

TowneBank (TBA)


United Bankers Bank (TBA)

Westfield Bank (TBA)

Wells Fargo Bank (TBA)

Wex Bank (TBA)


American Express National Bank 3.00 3yr s6/26

American National Bank of Omaha (TBA)

Ally Bank 3.00 3yr s6/21

Berkshire Bank 2.65 3yr s6/22

BMW Bank 2.95 3yr s6/22

Citibank 3.00 3yr s6/28

Comenity Bank (TBA)

ConnectOne Bank (TBA)

Continental Bank 2.80 3yr s6/22

CrossFirst Bank (TBA)


Discover Bank 3.00 3yr s6/27

Eagle Bank (TBA)

EnerBank (TBA)

Enterprise Bank (TBA)

First National Bank Paragould (TBA)

First Source Bank (TBA)

Goldman Sachs Bank (TBA)

Lake Bank 2.90 3yr s6/22

Marlin Business Bank 2.95 3yr s6/28

MB Financial Bank (TBA)

Medallion Bank (TBA)

Mercantile Bank of FL 3.00 3yr s6/21

Merrick Bank (TBA)

Morgan Stanley Bank 2.95 3yr s6/21

Prime Alliance Bank 2.95 3yr s6/22

RCB Bank 2.90 3yr s6/20

Sallie Mae Bank 3.00 3yr s6/27

Stearns Bank (TBA)

Sterling Bank 2.95 3yr s7/2

Synchrony Bank (TBA)

Towne Bank 2.95 3yr s6/28 (due 3/29/21)


United Bankers Bank (TBA)


American Express National Bank 3.15 4yr s6/26

BMW Bank 3.05 4yr s6/22

Bridgewater Bank (TBA)

Border State Bank (TBA)

Capital One Bank USA (TBA)

Capital One Bank NA (TBA)

Citibank 3.15 4yr s6/28

Comenity Bank (TBA)

Discover Bank 3.15 4yr s6/27

EnerBank (TBA)

Evans Bank (TBA)

First Source Bank (TBA)

Freedom Financial Bank (TBA)

Gold Coast Bank (TBA)

Goldman Sachs Bank (TBA)

Marlin Business Bank 3.05 4yr s6/28

MB Financial Bank (TBA)

Medallion Bank (TBA)

Morgan Stanley Bank 3.05 4yr s6/21

Stifel Bank & Trust (TBA)

Synchrony Bank (TBA)


Verus Bank of Commerce 2.95 4yr s6/21


American Express National Bank 3.30 5yr s6/26

BankUnited (TBA)

BMW Bank 3.20 5yr s6/22

Citibank 3.30 5yr s6/28

Comenity Capital Bank (TBA)

CrossFirst Bank (TBA)

Discover Bank 3.30 5yr s6/27

EnerBank 3.20 5yr s6/28

Evans Bank (TBA)

First Bank of Highland 3.20 5yr s6/20

Freedom Financial Bank (TBA)

Goldman Sachs Bank (TBA)

JP Morgan Bank (TBA)

Medallion Bank (TBA)

Merrick Bank (TBA)

Morgan Stanley Bank 3.20 5yr s6/21

Northwest Bank 3.15 5yr s6/28

Prime Alliance Bank 3.20 5yr s6/22

RCB Bank 3.15 5yr s6/20

Sallie Mae Bank 3.30 5yr s6/27

Signature Bank (TBA)

Stifel Bank & Trust (TBA)

Synchrony Bank (TBA)


Uinta Bank (TBA)


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